Plantain – Better than Antibiotic Ointment


Many years ago, a good friend told me how to make an ointment using plantain leaves (also called plantago) and it worked so much better than anything I had ever bought at the stores, I’ve used it ever since.

It’s not just good for cuts and scrapes. It has drawing properties and can;

  1. pull out embedded slivers,
  2. pull dirt out of a deep wound,
  3. pull poisons from spider bites, mosquito bites and bee stings.

It’s also a disinfectant and contains salicylic acid which is a pain killer also used in aspirin.

I gave some to a friend whose young daughter was so terribly allergic to bee stings, she had to rush her to the emergency room every time she got stung, which was several times every spring. When she used the ointment on the sting, her daughter immediately stopped screaming in pain and 15 minutes later was back outside playing again. No trip to the emergency room was necessary.

I used the ointment many times to get rid of infection in wounds and prevent scarring. One time, my niece fell hands first into a campfire of hot coals and had deep 3rd degree burns and was in terrible pain! I saw her 3 days after the incident and her hands were still hurting her. I gave her mother some of my ointment to use and she said it stopped the pain as soon as she put it on her. She kept using it and her hands healed quicker than expected and without any infection or scarring.

It even got rid of gangrene on a man’s toe!

I have a cousin who’s a doctor. In fact, if you remember the old Dougie Howser series on TV about the genius teenager that worked in a hospital emergency room at the age of 15, that was a true story about my cousin!

So to continue… one of his patients developed gangrene in an infected toe. They had tried every cream and antibiotic Dr. Howard (his real name) knew of but nothing was helping. Then the doctor remembered he had some of my ointment and decided to try it. The overnight results showed improvement so they continued to use it and within 2 weeks the toe was clear of gangrene and nearly completely healed!

Truly amazing! I love this stuff! So, time for the secret recipe… Oh, and if you want to read a great article about some other abilities of this wonderful healing plant and how to prepare it for those uses, go here –



(This recipe made a years supply for me with 7 children and I still had enough to share with friends.)


1 big paper sack full or 2 plastic handle bags full of fresh Plantain leaves

5 lbs. Lard (I prefer Mutton Tallow because it doesn’t go rancid with age and has it’s own drawing properties.)

1 cup beeswax

2 cups Wheat Germ Oil or Vitamin E Oil (Wheat germ oil is less expensive and is one of the most concentrated natural sources of vitamin E.)


  1. Wash the leaves off so they are really clean.
  2. Dry them on a screen in the shade till absolutely no water is left on them. This will cause them to wilt.
  3. Using your hands, squish together the leaves and the lard.
  4. Put lard mixture in an open roasting pan that is at least an inch or two deep.
  5. Bake in oven for 4 hours at 250 degrees. The leaves will turn black.
  6. Strain the liquid and throw away the leaves
  7. Add the beeswax and stir until melted.
  8. Add the vitamin E or wheat germ oil and stir well.
  9. Pour into desired containers (I use small canning jars). It turns to a light green color as it cools.

The shelf life is several years if you use the mutton tallow and vitamin E oil. If using lard or wheat germ oil you may want to keep the ointment refrigerated when not in use, to extend the shelf life. Mine kept fine for about a year without refrigeration. You can also vacuum seal or water bath can your jars and then just refrigerate the ones you have opened to extend it’s life.

Note: When picking fresh plantain leaves, do not choose any near roadsides where they can be contaminated with emissions, or any that may have been sprayed with chemicals.



Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 

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